Apply for Invoicing

An individual or Organization can place an order on ShopCPR using a credit card at any time. If you would like to request that your Organization be able to pay via invoice instead, you can apply for a line of credit with ShopCPR. To apply for invoicing, simply visit your Organizations page in your account, click the Apply for invoicing link on the Organization for which you are applying, and complete the credit application.

If you do not have any Organizations in your account, but would like to apply for invoicing, click on the Create New Organization link on your Organizations page and complete the process. Once your organization has been successfully created you will be able to apply for invoicing.

Paying Invoices

Invoices are emailed weekly and can be paid via check or ACH. Invoice # should be referenced with payments. Please ensure that your payment is remitted correctly to avoid late payments and/or holds on your invoicing.

Download full ShopCPR Finance Guidelines here (link to PDF)

Remit by Check

Remit by ACH

American Heart Association, Inc.
AHA ECC Distribution
P.O. Box 841390
Dallas, TX 75284

American Heart Association, Inc.
ACH/EFT Routing #: 111000025
Account #: 488038435447

If your organization requires a W-9, you can download an AHA W-9 form here (link to PDF)